hojicha: roasted tea

hojicya01Contrary to popular belief, green tea is not served as part of Shojin cuisine—it is instead common to have hojicha. This unique tea is made from roasted tea leaves and stems, and is usually served after meals. Hojicha is woody and aromatic with crisp overtones, and is softer than Green Tea due to its lack of caffeine and tannins.

The distinct fragrance of hojicha is thought to be instrumental in relieving stress. Hojicha is also known for curbing blood-sugar levels, reducing blood pressure, dropping cholesterol levels. It is therefore widely believed to have great potential in preventing chronic diseases such as diabetes.




We are tea-makers of tradition, having established our roots back in 1863. We pursue quality, authenticity, and refined taste. To create the perfect tea, we have long co-operated with tea-makers across the country to extend research into what kind of soil is best for growing tea.

Website:http://www.kagaboucha.co.jp (Japanese)


Courtesy of Authentic Japan and Team Shojin