shoyu: soy sarce

syoyu01Soy sauce is produced from three basic ingredients: soybean, wheat and salt. The fermentation and maturation of the sauce forms a distinct saltiness that is accompanied by umami and sweetness—an undertone that both deepens and mellows the salinity of the soy sauce. Of the two main types of shoyu, dark soy sauce is deep mahogany in hue and has an intense aroma, whereas light soy sauce has a honey-like luster with a softer scent. The refined fragrance of light soy sauce makes it a popular choice as an ingredient for simmered dishes, seasoned rice, and clear soups.

Organic soy sauce is rich with substances considered to be excellent for maintaining both physical and mental health. One such example is soybean peptide, an acid known for improving metabolism. Soy sauce is also full of gamma amino butyric acid (GABA), noted to be a type of amino acid that boosts liver health and increases brain activity.



As heirs of tradition, Ishimago has been making additive and preserving chemical-free miso and shoyu since 1855.

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