su: vinegar

su01Japanese rice vinegar is an expressive condiment that can add mellowness and flavor. It is often used to bring out the sweetness of the vegetables, while adding a crisp but gentle touch to the dish.

Scientific research has proved the various health benefits of rice vinegar—namely relieving fatugue, lowering blood-sugar levels, and reducing blood pressure.

Making Rice Vinegar
Rice vinegar-making requires time, effort, and plenty of patience. It can take anything from three months to five hundred days for vinegar to fully mature. As opposed to the mass-produced vinegar that takes only hours to produce, traditional vinegar-makers spend as much as eight months perfecting their vinegar batch.



Since 1879, Marusei has continued to produce vinegar through highly precise temperature and humidity control, a technique passed on from our forebears. Our countless hours of hard work produce full-bodied, mellow vinegar that gives off a hint of gentle sweetness in every batch.

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Courtesy of Authentic Japan and Team Shojin