suribachi: mortars

suribachi01The mortar is a porcelain bowl with fine, comb-like grooves along the interior to grind, mush, or mix food. The mortar is an essential tool for Shojin cuisine, not only to grind sesame, but also to make dishes such as vinegar miso or mushed tofu paste. It undeniably takes much more time and hard work to use a mortar and pestle than using a food processor. However, a speedy job done by a kitchen appliance is incomparable to the velvety, smooth texture of food that has been ground for hours in a mortar.




Founded in 1910, we are a well-established manufacturer that still covers 60% of the market share in the mortar industry. The grooves of our mortars, designed in radial-fashion just like the petals of a chrysanthemum, are sturdy enough to last years on end.

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Courtesy of Authentic Japan and Team Shojin