konbu: dried kelp

konbu01Refined in flavor, the unique umami of dried kelp stock is essential in bringing out the natural flavors of vegetables. There are also plenty of water-soluble fibers, calcium, and minerals inside dried kelp, all touted to have significant health benefits. Dried kelp also contains arachidonic acid, known to be the base chemical for cerebral substances that instigate feelings of happiness.

Making Dried Kelp
Hand-harvested from the sea by local fishermen, the kelp is dried, cut, then sent off to the manufacturers. They are then stored in purpose-built rooms under a blanket of hay, protected from dust, wind, and sunlight, for as long as ten years. Once the producer deems that the time is right, the kelp is cut and processed.

Dried kelp is similar to wine in that the taste depends largely on the production area and weather conditions. Unfortunately, it is said that the production of flavorful, high-quality dried kelp is on the decline in recent years due to climate change.




Ever since opening in 1872, we have always selected the very best wild kelp for processing and maturing in our unique “KURAGAKOI” (tank). We are known to be purveyors of renowned restaurants in Kyoto such as Suiheiji, the home of priest Dogen.

Website:http://www.konbu.jp/ (Japanese)


Courtesy of Authentic Japan and Team Shojin