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Outline of Team Shojin California/New York Tour

2014 January 9th” (Thur.) ~ February 27th (Thur.)

• january 9″ CIA Graystone Campus (California, Napa)
“The Philosophy o/Shojin Cuisine” Seminar and Demonstration
Talk by Toshio Tanahashi
• january 20″ Ura Senke San Francisco office
Demonstration ofShojin Tea-Ceremony dishes/Presentation of products
• january 30″ San Francisco Zen Center RestaurantGreens
Shojin cuisine dinner party
• February 19″ CIA Graystone Campus (California, Napa)
Talk and Tasting by Team Shojin
• February 20′” 21″ Harker School (Silicon Valley)
Shojin dietary education class (open to both students and parents)
• February 27″ japan Society Nevv York
“Shojin: Zen cuisine/or the body and mind” Talk and Tasting

(The Culinary Institute of America (CIA))
The CIA provides professional culinary education and is known to be one of the very best culinary institutions in the world. With campuses in Nevv York, California, and Texas, CIA’s outreach in culinary education is unlike any other.

(San Francisco Zen Center)
San Francisco Zen Center is a Zen training facility that draws on the Soto Zen branch. Located in the Bay Area of San Francisco, it was established in 1962 by Suzuki Shunryu. The facilities also include renowned vegetarian restaurant Green’s, and organic producers Green Gulch farm.

(Ura Senke San Francisco Local Office)
This Ura Senke local office has been the heart of the Japanese Tea Ceremony tradition in San Francisco, and has more than thirty years of hi story.

(Harker School)
A prestigious college preparatory school in San Francisco, Harker School is known to have many distinguished pupils from the Silicon Valley Area. Harker School has become increasingly interested in japanese culture in recent years and has established a number of cultural exchange programs with japanese schools.

Other events include:
• Event at Ura Senke San Francisco office
• Shojin cuisine party held atwinery in Napa Valley, California

Details will be announced at a later date.